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April 30, 2020

The perfect backyard for memorable moments

After a long week of work, there is nothing better than to relax at home in your own backyard in good company. You want to know how? Come read our blog about the exciting experience we have on hot summer evenings!

How we enjoy summer...

Anything can be done outside during the summer. Here are a few must-do for this beautiful season : play Frisbee, organize family barbecues, go to the drive-in theatre as a couple and have evenings with friends. But, what could be better than sitting in your own backyard watching a movie on a big screen? It’s so pleasant not worrying about falling asleep or thinking about the road ahead when the movie is over.

Drive-in memories

How did we come up with the idea of creating our own little drive-in? It all started with our evenings, sometimes monthly, at our local drive-in theatre as lovers. We loved to enjoy those warm summer evenings while listening to a movie together.

Childhood souvenir

These moments bring back memories of my early childhood when my sisters and I were getting ready to watch a movie inside in our pajamas on a hot summer evening. My father wanted to please us, so he brought the television outside on our balcony. After several minutes of plugging the wires and organizing the sound system, we listened to our movie outside with our family. What a pleasure!

Our outdoor cinema

Wanted to reproduce these unforgettable experiences again, we created an outdoor cinemain our backyard. Everything has been thought out. First, we had to find an outside canvas big enough to project a movie. It had to be white and not have too many seams so that the image would be clear. So after looking around in a few stores, we finally found an outdoor solar screen that we cut to fit the size we wanted. Then, we added eyelets in all the corners. This way, we were able to hang it solidly on our pergola to create the desired movie screen.

First of all, we purchased a projector online. During a movie night in our backyard, we fix it on a camera tripod, which allows us to place it at the appropriate height. As for the sound ambiance, we use a portable speaker connected to the projector. The sound is loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to disturbour neighbours. :-)

Blankets and snacks

When we invite family or friends for an outdoor movie night, we make sure they are comfortably seated on our sturdy Gårdsplass patio set. To keep them warm, we take out our large wool blankets. There is always enough! Finally, we always make sure we have a lot of snack choices to fill our guest's bellies.

“ What an extraordinary experience at home! ” Emilie, family member

Our pergola

Thanks to our nice pergola that allows us to be with our lover, family and friends. It's an extraordinary experience, since it allows us to enjoy the outdoors at home. In short, the people around us love to be there because it's modern, cozy, intimate and fun. After settling down comfortably with our blankets and snacks, let the movie begin!
“ This heavenly place is the simple pleasures of life! ” Melanie, family member


*I could earn commissions for purchases made through certain links in this blog.


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